I Am Disappeared

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I always had a thing for you and I wanted to get to know you more,

when you moved away to be with your girlfriend I thought I’d never get the chance to,

Now you are back and and single we have been hanging out

but now I’m in a good relationship and I know you and I won’t go anywhere,

It kind of breaks my heart.

“Because what’s worse than knowing you want something, besides knowing you can never have it?” 

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jim kirk is the kind of person who is held prisoner in a room with a heavy ass typewriter


a sharp, knife-like letter opener


a heavy metal whatever this thing is


a big ol’ trash can which would be excellent for smashy smash


and instead of using any of these things he’s like, my weapon of choice?

is a fucking blanket




creativity, thy middle name is tiberius

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Natasha Lyonne on The Todd Barry Podcast Live, October 29 (2013)

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